Monday, September 19, 2011

Ocklawaha River

This weekend we took both dogs for a paddle. It was beautiful and the dogs were pretty great. JB did fall in twice - head first both times - but luckily Tom got him back in the boat without much trouble. I thought the dogs

The whole stretch was beautiful - there was nothing on either side the whole way. We saw two private docks, but that was it. We saw TONS of enormous bass and catfish as well as a freshwater stingray. We got a great look at it. We also saw several great blue herons and a kingfisher. There is a primitive camping spot about halfway, so I hope we'll be back soon.

I am going to try to make a longer movie - but here is a quick clip!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hiking with the whole family

Last Sunday we rounded up both dogs into the green monster and headed to Goethe state forest. We didn't see much in terms of wildlife, but it was nice to get out of town and stretch our legs.

 Beautiful swallowtails on native milkweed.

 A glamor shot of JB - we are getting ready to put him up for adoption, so we've gotta make sure he looks good!

 The dogs had FUN! Pdog even got to run off leash a bit.

 The Green Monster!

 TD and the dogs in front of a 900 year old cypress tree. This was right before both dogs launched off the 4 ft high boardwalk.

Beautiful cypress tree. Lots of biting flies here though so we didn't stay long!