Friday, August 26, 2011

Plum Clafouti

A clafouti is a french dessert - sort of like a custardy cake. It is a very simple batter - milk, eggs, sugar, flour - poured over sliced fruit and baked. Traditionally its made with cherries, but any stone fruit or berry is good.

We're at the end of the summer fruit season around here, but there are lots of (California) plums in the market. For an impromptu dinner at a friends house, plum clafouti was a perfect dessert. These particular friends are gluten free, so I made it with almond meal instead of flour. First I wizzed the almonds in the food processor to grind them, then I added all the other ingredients and blended. The almond meal was a great choice and reminded me of a linzer torte. Because of the low amount of sugar, this would also make a great breakfast.

Almond Plum Clafouti

1/2 c almonds (or wheat flour)
1/3 c sugar
3 eggs
1 c milk
1 t vanilla
halved fruit to cover bottom of baking dish (I used about 6 plums)

Preheat oven to 375. Butter a round baking dish and arrange fruit to cover bottom and set aside.

Grind almond in food processor to a fine meal. Add sugar, eggs, milk & vanilla to food processor and blend until well combined. Pour over fruit and bake for 40 minutes or until edges are browned and center is set.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More JB photos

Here are some more pictures of JB. He's been doing great with Prairie on walks & although he's still been grumpy/snappy some, he seems to be easily corrected with a leash tug.

Since he's *almost* been here a week, today after work I let him in the backyard just with the long line (a thin 20 ft rope). Prairie started out by racing around, trying to get him to play. He did chase her around a bit, and then got pretty excited (barking) so I stopped him & had him sit. Mostly he stuck right to my side as I walked around the yard, which meant Prairie gave both of us a pretty wide berth. He was definitely tired after his romp - I think he's a couch potato. We will have to get him exercising more - he needs to build up some muscle mass.

And just so Prairie isn't forgotten - although she was much more interested in running around than having her picture taken.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet JB!

We have a new Foster Dog - JB! He was picked up as a stray near Pensacola and was in the county shelter there. We are fostering him through the SE German Shorthair Pointer Rescue. He came to us with kennel cough and a little underweight. We are working on getting him in good shape and then we will advertise him for adoption!

Here are some (not great) photos. He was happy to sit for me, but didn't like the light on the camera!

He's a sweet dog, very affectionate, though not so nice towards Prairie at times. For now he's on a leash or in the crate at all times - best for everyone including me since his kennel cough is producing TONS of mucous! He's also shedding a ton - he's already had 2 baths.

He's got three patches down his back - cute!

I have been walking the two dogs together and that seems to be helping get them more used to each other. We will also visit a dog trainer friend (who also volunteers with SE GSP) later this week. I hope to have him out of the kennel and on a leash in the house by the weekend.

He would much prefer to lay on the floor rather than in the kennel. The vet estimated he was 4 or 5. He weighs about 55 lbs and I hope to get him up to about 60. Mostly he just needs to gain some muscle - hopefully we can get him running around the yard soon.

Monday, August 8, 2011

In Austin!!

Prairie and I arrive in Texas on Friday evening and got to stay with my sister and her husband before continuing on to Austin Saturday morning.

I was a little unsure how I would do driving all the way to Houston in one day with a dog in tow, but it was great. Prairie is a champion traveler and my car is extremely easy and comfortable to drive. We did get stuck in a 1.5 hour delay on the Atchafalaya causeway - but I figured we were due for something like that after 5 very uneventful trips.

I got to hang out with my parents and brother for a day - and then on Sunday they left for a sheep hunting trip to Alaska. I was excited to see them off and hope they have a great time!

And now, I am headed to pick up TD!