Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Networth Update

Unfortunately my networth has been rather stagnant for the last couple of months. I did close on my house, which ups my cash reserves, but I am waiting on about $4000 worth of reimbursements which is why the credit card balance is high for June. I do pay it off every month, so there is no interest accruing.

I have decided to put the proceeds from the sale of my condo into a high-yield CD. Boston gal posted about this CD from AllyBank that pays 3% interest and has only a 2 month penalty for early withdrawal. See her post here.

This CD is a good option for TD and I since we aren't sure when we will want the money for a down payment and since the market is still so volatile. We are thinking of renting for a few years in FL before buying.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Home sweet Home!

Wow, the last week was a doozy. TD and I took off work and packed the last week of May, and on Memorial Day we picked up the Penske truck, and the movers loaded our stuff into the truck. It all fit, but just BARELY, and we were certainly over the weight limit.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up bright and early for the final walk-through with the buyer and headed off to the closing. It was over within an hour and we were on the road by 11 am. Unfortunately we hit horrendous traffic in NYC, and it took us 4 hours to go 8 miles. Ugh. We were tired, cranky, and there was no way we were getting to VA which is where I had planned for us to spend the night. So instead we called it a night and stayed at the NJ/DE border.

On Wed we were up bright and early in an attempt to make it to FL--over 900 miles. TD is a machine and other than a brief stint by me before lunch, he drove the whole way and got us there before 11.

Thursday we had a bit of a snafu with a trip to the minor emergency center (TD had just had stitches removed and the incision had come open--yuck!) but we were at the storage unit at 10 to fill out paperwork and meet the second set of movers to unload the truck. Although TD thinks we have way too much stuff, we fit everything in a 16 foot moving truck and a 10x10x10 storage room. We were able to get everything in the storage unit, although I predict an avalanche when it all has to come out. (Somehow boxes stacked 10 feet high seems like a bad idea). After loading our stuff for Austin back in the truck, we had a quick lunch and shower before meeting the realtor. We toured at the 5 houses from the internet that had looked best to us and  all had something major wrong with them--too close to a street, too close to neighbors, and just generally funky. So we are now thinking about renting in FL for a while rather than buying, particularly until TD finds a permanent position and we know we will be staying in FL.

On Friday we were up early to make the 15 hour drive to Austin. Its good to know that we can do the drive in 1 day and it was awesome to be home in a comfy bed. TD's sister and her family just got this little guy, so we are in heaven.

And on Wednesday we leave for Costa Rica for a bit of work, and a honeymoon. Yippee!!