Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project 333

A recent article in the NY Times on a project where people wear only 6 items of clothing for a month got me thinking about creating a more efficient, minimal wardrobe. I have already been doing this over the summer. TD and I spent the summer in Austin with a small suitcase each - and I certainly could have gotten away with fewer clothes - there were several things that I never wore. When I went to Mexico and Brazil in August, I actually brought too few clothes, and it was a pain. Confession: I brought only one pair of pants for the city and didn't wash them the entire time (because it takes 24 hours to get our laundry done and I couldn't wear gym shorts to work).
So when I saw this project on selecting 33 items to wear for 3 months, I decided it was something I could do. Here is my list of 33 things. I went ahead and included workout clothes, but not underwear on the list. I know I'll be able to do this October - November, and hopefully I can keep it up once I come back to the states for the closing and to Austin for Christmas. I plan to blog photos of some of my outfits, but for now, here is the list! I am worried about being warm enough, so there may be some shifting once I start packing.

Item Category Description
1 Accessories Diamond Studs
2 Accessories Gold bead necklace
3 Accessories Wool Stocking Hat
4 Accessories Deerskin Gloves
5 Accessories Black belt
6 Accessories Black tights
7 Accessories Coral Pashmina
8 Accessories Navy tights
9 Dress Navy Boatneck dress
10 jacket Black Soft Shell
11 pants Dark, straight jeans
12 pants Brown cuffed chinos
13 Shirt Kelly green button down
14 Shirt purple floral
15 Shirt Black eyelet tunic
16 Shirt Black v-neck
17 Shirt Navy tuxedo shirt
18 Shirt Paisley long sleeve
19 Shirt Black mesh tank
20 Shoes Dansko mary Jane clogs
21 Shoes Salamon hiking shoes
22 Skirt Brown midcalf skirt
23 Skirt Navy cargo skirt
24 Sweater Cream cotton cardigan 
25 Sweater Tan/Blue stripe boatneck
26 Sweater navy/white stripe boatneck
27 t shirt Pink AGMC tee
28 t shirt Harvard tee
29 Workout White v-neck
30 Workout White v-neck
31 Workout NB running shorts
32 Workout Black yoga pants
33 Workout Patagonia pullover


  1. Why didn't we talk about this already?! So, funny, I read that article too and was like, ok, which friend of mine wants to do this together!!??

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