Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer tunes

Since I have been driving to school (since its been so hot) I needed to do something to avoid turning into more of a couch potato than I already am.

I hate working out and rarely rarely do it. I like being active and I like being strong/fit/healthy but I like sitting on my rear end in front of the tv/computer/ipad more. I also think I get easily frustrated with not being "good" at athletic things - Why do I not run faster? Why can I only do 5 pushups? Why can I not do a single pull up? (obviously the answer is that I do not practice very hard at these things...)

Riding my bike to work was the perfect activity for me because it was necessary and thus not easily avoided. Ditto for walks with the dog.

BUT since I am no longer riding regularly AND in an effort to get into better shape, I have started running using the Couch to 10k program. This has been around for a while and I initially dismissed it as something for losers (if you put a gun to my head I could run a 5 or 10k without stopping). But, based on a review from ProfHacker, I down loaded the ap and have been doing it. the basic idea is to do intervals of running and walking, gradually increasing the amount of time running until you can run for an hour.

Surprise - I love it!

You can use your own music which is great (as an NPR junkie, I rarely actually listen to my music). But the best part for me, is that they tell you when to start and stop and when its time to walk and when its time to run. So, when I am getting tired, I know that soon, very soon, the nice man on the iphone will tell me to stop. Genius!

The whole 10k program takes 10 weeks, so hopefully I can stick to it. I'll post an update each week.

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