Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More JB photos

Here are some more pictures of JB. He's been doing great with Prairie on walks & although he's still been grumpy/snappy some, he seems to be easily corrected with a leash tug.

Since he's *almost* been here a week, today after work I let him in the backyard just with the long line (a thin 20 ft rope). Prairie started out by racing around, trying to get him to play. He did chase her around a bit, and then got pretty excited (barking) so I stopped him & had him sit. Mostly he stuck right to my side as I walked around the yard, which meant Prairie gave both of us a pretty wide berth. He was definitely tired after his romp - I think he's a couch potato. We will have to get him exercising more - he needs to build up some muscle mass.

And just so Prairie isn't forgotten - although she was much more interested in running around than having her picture taken.

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