Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rotten Beastie

Prairie the dog is currently on the naughty list.

She has a hotspot between her back toes which she licks incessantly. Admittedly, we should have caught it earlier, but for the last few days we have been applying ointment & wrapping her foot to help it heal. She doesn't love it, but it has been working reasonably well.
Cue last night - At 1 am Pdog jumped in the middle of the bed (resulting in startled yelling from me and shattering both of our sleep); I took her outside to potty and left her to sleep on the couch; barking and scratching on the couch ensued; Tom brought her back to our room where she wandered around the room for the next several hours, intermixed with obsessive licking of her (bandaged) foot; at 4 am I got up to rewrap her foot with a simple sock since the only cause I could think of for her refusing to settle was that her bandage was too tight/twisted/wet; she settled for the next couple of hours and was then whining to get up this morning bright and early as soon as the sun was up. Thankfully sweet TD took over her exercising her this morning.

Fingers crossed that last night was an aberration and her foot heals soon. I don't know how we will ever be able to survive a tiny human one day - I hear they have even less regard for their parents sleep than a 3 year old GSP.



    It's the worst noise in the world! She just sits there and licks her paw over and over and it drives me insane! We started wrapping her foot too, but she usually chews through it. Better than the alternative though. The worst part is that she does it because of anxiety also, so her paw never heals. Ugh.