Sunday, August 22, 2010

Estou no Brazil!

or I am in Brazil! for you non-Portuguese speakers.

I had a pretty easy flight from DF - though it was made much longer by the fact that I had to transfer in Miami - including going through US customs and immigration. Despite warnings to the contrary, American served us 2 meals - though no free booze - and I had an individual movie screen. I got to watch Please Give which I had been wanting to see for a while.

Before leaving, I was quite concerned because I had never received a confirmation or any information regarding the airport transfer I was supposed to have (the conference is 3+ hours from Sao Paulo). Emails to the tour company had bounced for days, etc. Thankfully there was a former labmate on my flight so we stuck together. He ended up braving a public bus, and shortly after he left I found the tour company. So thankfully I won't be stuck in the GRU airport for a week.
Campos do Jordão City Gate{from Wikipedia}

I'll be in Campos do Jordão until the 27th. I'm staying at an interesting looking Japanese/Brazilian hotel - Hotel Matsubara. The conference has an opening reception tonight and talks start tomorrow. Super!

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