Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting settled

Even though we've been in Mexico for almost 3 weeks, we have spent almost the entire time in the field. But once we were back from the Chimalapas, it was time to get settled. Our room was completely empty when we arrived, so we are starting from scratch. Our room has a large closet with built in shelves, and the windows look onto a courtyard, so its pretty quiet.

After shopping around this weekend, we found curtains and a very comfortable queen mattress at walmart, 100% cotton sheets (hard to find!), a comforter, and an action packer to store field gear. We still need to get a bed frame - we'd like a simple wooden one - and a couple of nightstands, possibly a rug, and we will be good to go!

Living room - the place gets nice light and SR has a green thumb!

Thankfully the rest of the apartment is nicely furnished - a lot of it extra furniture from TD's advisor. SR had to start completely from scratch, including buying a fridge, so we are really lucky to be able to move into his place and eventually take over his lease.

A couple of the many field things strewn about the house. SR leaves again for the field on Tuesday.

While we are here, I am very excited about collecting different arts and crafts - and possibly scheming how to get some larger pieces of furniture back to the US. After many regrets about things that I missed out on purchasing while traveling, my policy is to buy something on the spot if I like it. Don't wait to see if there's a better one - there won't be! Thankfully my 5 other traveling companions were happy to stop and let me dash across the trans-isthmus highway for this little guy. He is actually a piggy bank.

The guys left early this morning to go visit the immigration office and try to get TD's visa sorted. Don't think that will be easy!! SR is very sweet to go with TD. I stayed at home and now I'm off to visit a furniture store to see about a bed frame.


  1. your bedroom looks so Light and Airy with the curtains and the great sheets/comforter. Glad that you have a week to get things settled. Hope your eye is better and the poison ivy better too!

  2. I actually love that bedroom as is! :)