Friday, October 22, 2010


After our field trip, we headed back to Zacatecas, dropped off the students, and hit the road back south for Aguascalientes, where we met up with Jesus's wife and daughter Sofia. We had another great dinner - TD got un poco de todo (a little of everything) - and I couldn't believe when he ate the cueritos (pickled pig skin) and patas (pickled pig's feet)!!! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.

We were up again early the next morning to head south again for Guanajuato. Another old mining city that is an UNESCO world heritage area. Guanajuato means Hill of Frogs and is the birthplace of Diego Rivera. The city was originally built on top of the Guanajuato River, which flowed through tunnels under the city. Now, the tunnels carry traffic through the city. Very cool, but very confusing when we were trying to get out of the city at the end of the day.

Jesus's inlaws live in Guanajuato and also have a house out in the country.

The house was in the town of Santa Rosa on the road to Dolores Hidalgo.

I loved the outdoor kitchen - the family primarily uses the house for big family meals on the weekends.

We had success with animals - we found three of TD's frogs - two in this rockpile - as well as lizards and three snakes.

We finished the afternoon with pizza made by Jesus's sister and brother in law.

The inlaws - the pizza maker was hilarious!

We polished off two large pies.

After filling up on pizza, Jesus and his family headed back up to Zacatecas - he had to teach at 7am on Monday. TD and I eventually found our way out of town. We decided to get a little closer to DF and hopefully avoid traffic, so we spendt the night in Queretaro, which was a pleasant surprise.

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  1. I've been to all these towns, and they are my very favorite part of Mexico! I think Guanajuato is my favorite town in the world, actually - what a place to explore! Those insanely steep, curvy streets, the colors, the views, the liveliness... it's definitely time for me to go back! Thanks for sharing.