Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vamos a aprender Español!

We are going to learn spanish!

Last week TD and I were happy to register for our intensive spanish class at CEPE, part of UNAM. We will start our 6 week intensive class (9-12 daily) on Monday. We were both impressed with the organization of the center (the oral and writted exams, registration and payment ran like clockwork), plus they have developed their own curriculum and we even got our own credencial (ID). We were very happy to get a $200 discount because we are working at UNAM, but even the full price ($65 one time registration and $365 course fee) is a bargain. The fee includes the intensive language class, plus two culture classes. We passed on those, but there were several that looked great - geography of Mexico, Ethnobotany, Art History.  Maybe next time...

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