Friday, December 3, 2010

Where have I been?

Fun Thanksgiving with family, a brief Austin trip, a drive to the new house, and now this!!!

Ripped out carpet, pried out tack strips, and realized that our stained concrete floor was going to be a lot harder (and more expensive) than anticipated. The stain doesn't stick to any paint or other contamination so with out pouring a new layer, we might be left with a splotchy, sad looking outcome.

Suddenly hardwoods sound like a good idea!!

The new plan: Travertine (or porcelain that looks like travertine) in the entry, pantry, kitchen and hall bath. Hardwoods in the master bedroom and study, leave the oak parquet in the guest bedroom and living/dining room. Note where I tried unsuccessfully to remove the vinyl.

Choices are overwhelming, but I think we have decided on this dark oak (checking out one more store though...) and a light, travertine-like porcelain tile. Fingers crossed I can get everything so that installation (well, first vinyl removal) starts tomorrow!!!

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