Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Confession: I am a procrastinator

I am a very bad procrastinator - in all aspects - but particularly in terms of household stuff. Sure, I clean and do laundry like clockwork - but those irregular things that need to be done are what get me.

Case in point, leaves needed to be cleaned off our roof before we moved in - however, we didn't have a ladder and it took 3 months and the insistence of my visiting family to actually get me to purchase a ladder and go do it. The sad part? I had probably been to Lowes and Home Depot 20 times since we moved in.

Another embarrassing example? When I moved to Boston in 2008, one of the thing the terrible, terrible movers did was lose one of the casters from my bed. I stacked some shims under the leg, slept on it for 2 years, moved the bed into the guest room here, stacked more shims under it. Not only did it look bad, but one of the shims slipped out while my parents were sleeping on it. Oops.

So I did what I should have done 2.5 years ago, and spent less than $10 and bought some replacement casters on Ebay. Problem solved, and now I have 4 extra if I ever lose one again. Maybe I will learn something here?

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  1. Procrastinating + Susan = reminds me of those freshman days in the dorm and your 8 am Calc II class and organic chem...

    Things don't change to they? ;)