Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our kitchen (part 1)

We have been busy busy with our kitchen and are very happy that it is 99% finished. I love all the organization and even though we don't really have any more space - with all the doors and windows in this room we were pretty maxed out as to where we could put cabinets - its so much more functional and easy to cook in.

We were really lucky to have my parents helping us with the demo. The upper cabinets were one piece of MDF and weighed a TON. We ended up having them come crashing down and thankfully no one was injured!

Sadly, these are the only photos of the kitchen in its full dingy glory. No, the color isn't off - it really was that gross! The first thing we did was to rip off this vinyl wall paper (it smelled!!) and have tile put in.

New appliances are in and old cabinets are ready to come out!!

This was shortly before the big crash - this whole thing ripped out of the wall. Luckily it mostly landed on the ladder and the remaining base cabinet.

The handy-man and handy- woman!

This was the first "surprise". I guess they didn't have enough plaster to finish off this drywall behind the cabinets. Hmm, I guess we will have to do it since we aren't putting in upper cabinets. Oh, and yes, there is a jagged 12 inch hole where the vent was.

Least favorite part - crawling in the attic on my belly (probably shouldn't have worn shorts and sandals) to detach the chimney for the vent.

Second "surprise": virtually impossible to get this cabinet out without cutting the plumbing pipes. Also, one valve was frozen so we had to turn off the water to the whole house. Somehow my dad and TD managed to get it off but we still ended up calling a plumber to replace the valves with shiny new ones. 

Best part of the day: Plumber came in 30 minutes, shortened the drain pipes, capped the second drain that we would no longer be using flush with the wall, replaced the intake valves and only charged $150 (and now we have a great plumber).

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  1. so glad to see a blog update. You have no idea how many times I've cked to see what you and TD have been up to. Hope the week is WONDERFUL for you! The Kitchen continues to amaze me. Great job, you two.
    ~Ma Frugal Ecologist