Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our kitchen (part 4)

On day 5 we were able to start putting in cabinets - woo hoo!!!
We moved the dishwasher to the other side of the sink and also selected a different size sink cabinet, so I was REALLY worried that the water valves were going to be in exactly the wrong place. We did have to cut a hole in the side wall for the valve handle to go through, but we would have had to cut a hole any way for the water supply and drain for the DW so that was fine.

The vent hood is a little high - we will probably lower it (someday).

I leveled and anchored all the cabinets myself. TD cut the countertops - very easy to do with the circular saw - and we installed them together. Installation was very easy - just screw them on! I was really impressed with all of the instructions and hardware that ikea provided. Actually installing the cabinets went FAST!

The sink!! I was so tired of doing dishes in the bathtub, so I was stoked to get the sink in and working. This farmhouse sink (single bowl Domsjo) from Ikea was a great deal - we love the huge single bowl and its very easy to keep clean. We chose this faucet from Overstock. It works great and is very functional. I had never installed a sink before and this was very easy to install.

I wanted to get the sink in so badly, I made a Lowes run about 20 minutes before it closed to get new PVC drain pipes. I had never done anything like that before either but it was easy. We turned the water back on, checked for leaks and we were back in business!

Putting in all the drawers really makes a difference & TD and I were REALLY happy to get all of our dishes off the dining table! 
We used these fintorp handles from Ikea. I was originally going to use cup pulls, but thought that might look too traditional in our kitchen. The scale of these is a little off - they are a bit too big/chunky - but I am generally happy with them.


  1. Awesome! It looks so make it sound so easy and straightforward, but of course, we all know that was not the case!!! Congratulations on a job well done! ~M

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