Thursday, May 31, 2012


We had some fun travel & adventure last month - a wedding in NM, Brother's graduation, & fieldwork (for frogs & bears!).

We also experienced our first tropical storm here, which brought some much needed rain. Before we headed off on our trip, we had a nice sunset evening at the prairie with our pals J & K (who are now residing in Berkeley, sniff).
 We love the trees here - the spanish moss is amazing!

 We often see Cottonmouth's right on the trail. We were there this time at sunset and we could see why - tons of very cut, fat (and presumably tasty) Cotton Rats.

 The prairie is so dry right now!

 Gorgeous sunset over the prairie

 This sink is one of the only permanent water sources. The gators love it!

 Can you see them?

 We were watching great blue herons and other birds come in for the night.

Don't expect to see the Bison! They have been exterminated! 
(actually they did remove the males because the territory wasn't large enough & because of conflict with humans).

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