Thursday, May 10, 2012

Way down on the Suwanee River...

Last month we headed down the Suwanee River with some colleagues working on a field project. It was beautiful and we got to spend our first night camping with the Pdog. We didn't get much sleep - the next trip will include a sleeping bag & pad just for P. We brought a dog bed for her but she much preferred sleeping in between us on the cushy air mattresses. 

The Suwanee is a Blackwater river and the water is very dark. the first 6 inches or so look yellow, then red, and then dark brown/black. Pretty cool!

We even got towed up river - the best way to go!

TD on the sand bar

Gar & Turtles

Pdog goes for a swim - the fast current & darkwater was no match for Pdog's retrieving skills

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