Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby days

I love how milestones (age and sequence) seem to be so reflective of a baby's personality. H is very verbal and totally into her fine motor skills.

She sat unassisted at 5 months, and did some backwards army crawl at 7 months but was pretty uninterested in trying anything else. She'd sit happily for long periods (45 min!) and play with whatever was in reach. & even though she had been able to roll for months, she was happy to stay where you left her. 

However, last Friday (at 9.75 months) she finally put it all together and did her first all 4s crawling, went from sit to crawl and back to sit, bear crawled and pulled up. She did it all in sequence as if she had been practicing for weeks. 

So interesting to see her mellow, cautious, observant personality come through! According to my baby book, at this age I had been crawling for 4 months and had been walking for a month. 

H very deliberately crawls over to the books and pulls specific ones out to read - always the board books - Pat the bunny, Goodnight Moon and this touch and feel book are the ones she chooses the most. So cool!

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