Friday, February 26, 2010

Home sweet home

As I mentioned previously, we are selling the condo that I have lived in for 2 years (with TD for 1). Its been a short period of time to own, but as we know that we will be leaving the Boston area with no plans to return, now seemed like the time to sell. We initially thought of renting the house out for a few years, but decided we wanted to avoid being absentee landlords if we could help it.

I called the realtor who had helped me buy the house, and within a week she was showing it to other agents, and 5 days later we had a full price offer. So, we probably could have asked for a little more (you were right Dad!), but TD and I are happy that we won't have to keep our house in showing condition for much longer. We are naturally very neat and decluttered, but the thought of having strangers walking through your house kicks it up another notch. Plus it will be nice to pull my vacuum back out and put the heater back in the bathroom.

Everything is falling into place, including the home inspection; the last hurdle is for the buyer to secure her mortgage funding. This should happen April 1 and we will close on June 1. So, pretty soon I will have to start calling moving companies...ugh. It feels like we just finished unpacking Tom's stuff. Moving a few more times is probably in the cards for us for the next couple of years, so I just have to suck it up. Ah, the glamorous life of two baby academics! I absolutely LOVE this place, though I admit it is a little small for 2 people, it is working really well for us right now.

Plus, the kitchen is pretty much my dream kitchen, since we installed a dishwasher in November. Well I would add an induction or gas range and heavy duty exhaust hood, but that's it. I love having drawers rather than cabinets and the open shelving has really grown on me. I really love how we have the house decorated, it really feels like us. So I'm going to be sad to leave, but excited to set up our new home in __TBD__. In the meantime, here are a few more pics of our current place.


  1. Your place looks fantastic, and congratulations! What neighborhood of Boston is it in? Any ideas as to where to next?

  2. We're in Somerville close to the Cambridge line and no clue where to next! TD and I have submitted grants for fellowships in Mexico City & later this month I have an interview at a StateU in the east...