Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Planning

The main reason TD and I manage to eat at home so often is that I plan out our menus in advance for the entire week (sometimes two!). I keep a calendar in my outlook email and put the menu for every night of the week. That way I can refer back, I usually try not to repeat things within a month, unless its one of our favorites (bean burritos I'm looking at you!)

When TD moved in, I wasn't sure how he would feel about eating vegetarian meals. He has taken to it very well with no complaints! Yay! Since we both are very happy meat-eaters, we do that about half the time. Other than an occasional rotisserie chicken when I'm feeling lazy, we don't buy ANY meat at the store. Everything we eat is wild game from my family's ranch in central Texas, or from my father's and brother's escapades in Alaska. Lately we have been eating Dall Ram from Alaska. We are very lucky to have this great source of healthy, eco-friendly meat available to us. 

Normally I plan meals and make a list on Thursday or Friday, and we go shopping over the weekend. So, what are we eating this week?
  • M: TD is out of town, I will eat MORE beans and rice
  • T: This is TD's birthday and I have a work dinner event. FAIL! but there will be carrot cake with cream cheese icing. (TD will likely eat a frozen chicken patty--sad)
  • W: yellow daal with greens and curried potatoes
  • Th: Fritatta with red peppers, cheese, and smoked turkey plus sauteed greens
  • F: TD's big birthday dinner to Neptune Oyster!!! We rarely eat out at fancy places these days, so we are really stoked for this!! I may only eat raw shellfish for my entire meal...see above for what we are in store for. Happy Birthday TD!!


  1. I really like this idea, I think I might try to plan 2 weeks in advance and keep a calendar with the info so that we stick to it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I usually plan and shop for 2 weeks of meals because our grocery store is a pain. I do one really big trip, and then usually just do one other small stop for bananas, salad and other perishables that we run out of.