Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Monday

Bleargh---We are on a water boil advisory, and have been so since Saturday night. We are even supposed to use boiled water to wash our hands and to wash dishes. This is a big pain in the ass. We aren't really following this and hoping that the dishwasher sanitizes things.Thankfully Cambridge is not on the same water system, so we will have regular water at work tomorrow.

Also, it was 85 yesterday. This means that it was 85 in our house. This plus no water, led to a headache, which made me very grumpy. I pretty much sat on the couch all day yesterday and dreamed about when we will have central AC. ...Soon!

Thankfully I went to the store on Friday, so we at least have something to eat this week. Although I realized I didn't buy enough fruit or veg, so I will have to stop by on Tuesday.

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Pot roast with smashed potatoes and zucchini
Tuesday: sausage wraps, sweet potato fries, green salad
Wednesday: Tofu with sweet potato and broccoli and miso vinaigrette
Thursday: Pasta carbonara with green salad
Friday: Neptune Oyster with my Sis and her BF! Yay!
Saturday: bean burritos with green salad

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