Monday, November 22, 2010

Mama & Papa Ecologist come to visit

My parents came to visit this weekend and we had a blast! We gave M&P some immersion therapy into DF by taking them on the Metro on Friday night - the metro is a bit trying any day, given that its about 500 degrees and often very crowded. But Friday was something else - Picture a train car so full of people that no one can move at all, people holding their backpacks above their heads to just squeeze on, people on the platform shoving people as hard as they can to get them just far enough into the train so that the doors will close. Luckily we all made it off together and in one piece (no small feat). And after that trial by fire - a very real reminder that there are A LOT of people in DF - we had an excellent dinner in Polanco and smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. Here are some highlights...
Delicious brunch in San Angel before shopping til we dropped in the San Jacinto Markets.

Food featured highly over the weekend - here is some Saturday morning Posole Rojo.

It was a fun weekend for visitors, because it was the 100th anniversiary of the Revolution on the 21st. Lots of festivites including this Saturday night concert in Coyoacan.
Heroes of the revolution!

We focused most of our trip on much older history - Mama & Papa FE are history buffs - we visited the pyramids of Teotihuacan, the Templo Mayor of Tenochitlan, and the amazing anthropology museum, which all merit their own posts.

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