Monday, April 25, 2011

Attack of the rutabagas!

I grad school I subscribed to a weekly CSA basket. I prided myself in eating all of it every week - even if it made for some pretty terrible dinners - back in those days most dinners either took the form of a burrito, coconut curry or stir fry served with peanut sauce.

I found out that the rutabaga was not appreciated when I came home from a trip to find this...
...and I was actually mildly annoyed that food had been wasted.

Thankfully my cooking has improved. I followed a combo of these two recipes. (both sites are great for authentic indian recipes with instructions that a gringa can understand). Here I substituted rutabaga for potatoes. Finely (1/2 inch) diced and boiling thoroughly gets rid of any bitternesss from the 'bagas. This recipe was a winner for me - vegetarian, healthy, and can be made with pantry staples. Its worth going to a good spice shop to get all of the spices - it makes all the difference.

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