Sunday, July 8, 2012


As a kid, having a birthday in the middle of the summer, near a holiday meant that most of my friends would not be in town for my birthday party.

As I got a little older and started traveling - I was usually not in town for my birthday. The first birthday I spent away from home was when I was 13 - I got to spend it in Denmark traveling with my Grandparents to visit my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins who were living there.
At Tivoli Gardens in 1995

In Australia in 2005 (with beautiful flowers send from my parents)

Fast forward - I've spent many, many birthdays away from family and friends - summer camp, Costa Rica, Australia (at least twice) - so I am pretty stoked to ring in my thirties with TD and my family. 

Since I get to be with my favorite people (and Prairie!) - there's nothing on my wishlist this year - other than Booze & Cake (pretty sure those are guaranteed with this crowd!)

So Happy Happy to me!

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