Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Minimalist packing - hair and beauty

These are my toiletries for 30 days...

Top Row - toothbrush, deodorant (not antiperspirant), bright lipstick, contact solution, earplugs, Dermatone (has SPF and can be used on lips, hands or face - very moisturizing), small container of baking soda
Middle Row - Dark Grey eye crayon and comb
Bottow row - Vitamin E cream (for eyes and face), Obagi C SPF 30sunscreen (in Clinique container - this is what I use on my face everyday), Contact lens case, comb, toothpaste
Very Bottom Row - Vitamins (multivitamin and fish oil)

In the last few years, I have gotten my beauty routine down to the bare minimum - this saves time, money and is much friendlier to my body as well as the planet. And it makes packing a cinch.

  • I don't ever use soap on my face - No facial cleansers
  • I stopped using shampoo - just baking soda twice a week or so
  • My basic makeup routine is something on the eyes (mascara or eyeliner) and something on the lips (loving bright pink or red lipstick lately)
  • I stopped using body lotion - just a salt scrub in the shower 
I swear, my hair and skin have never been happier. And I promise my hair doesn't smell (TD is ever vigilant about this). I'll have full posts soon on exactly what I have been doing & why - but what you see above is everything I packed for a month of travel (I do use soap on my body but everywhere I will be going will at least have bar soap).

So what do you think...Am I nuts or gross?

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