Friday, July 6, 2012

Two things I am loving right now...

Paperback Swap

I don't know why I waited so long to sign up for Paperback Swap - it is amazing. I was a voracious reader as a kid, all the way through college, but my pleasure reading took a serious back seat during grad school & postdoc years. Seriously, I probably read 10 books during those 7 years - keeping up with my weekly New Yorker was all I could handle.

Now, in an attempt to rejoin the literate public, I've made it a goal to turn off the internet at 9 pm and read before bed. Paperback Swap keeps me stocked with interesting reads and lets me pass along books that I don't want to keep. A win win.

Nike+ Running App

Somehow I went from someone who rarely (or reluctantly) works out to someone who actually enjoys and, dare I say, looks forward to it. Not entirely sure how that transformation happened - but two big contributors are having a workout buddy (TD) and DATA.

I am a scientist. I love data. So the ability to track my workouts quantitatively totally appeals to me - in fact I want to workout harder/longer just so I have more miles/minutes/calories. 

The Nike+ Running App is amazing - you carry or wear your iPhone during an outdoor or treadmill run and it keeps track of your route, pace, distance and time. And gives you helpful comments on your pace, how far you've gone and how much time is left. And its free. Amazing!

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  1. Will you judge me if I tell you that sometimes the only reason I can motivate myself to go running is so that there isn't a gap on my Nike+ data?!