Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ecological Honeymoon: Corcovado and Sirena

After a relaxing afternoon and evening at the ecolodge, we headed out the next morning for our hike into Corcovado National Park to Sirena Station. We spent two nights here with our guide Felipe and walkedout on the 3rd day. The hike into the park is about 8 miles with several stretches along sandy beaches. There are a couple of passes along rocky headlands, so its important to time the hike with the tides.

Natural history collection at La Leona Ranger Station

TD hiked in his rubber boots. He carried the backpack, I had a large fannypack plus all of our water. It was good to travel light.

Our first snake

Hummingbird nest made of spider silk


Beautiful view along the beach at high tide

Ameiva lizard with a bird egg

Adorable squirrel monkey

So many hermit crabs eating a coconut

Dead hawksbill turtle

We were really ready to get off the beach and out of the sand

Tapir! We also saw two tapir on a night hike.

Arriving at the airstrip and Sirena station

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