Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No really, we're professionals...

When TD and I were describing to his Mom what we were going to be doing at the reserve, she asked several questions about how we would find animals, what we would do with them, etc. After we finished describing to her what we would be doing, she said, "Wow you are really professional!"

Yes, this is actually what we do for a living. Professionally.

So here are some of the creepy crawlies that we found. All of the reptiles and amphibians were collected, identified, photographed, preserved, and deposited at the Museo Zoologia at the University of Costa Rica.

TD photographing. Finding enough time when it wasn't raining to photograph was a challenge.

Trying to tire out the lizard before photographing, so that he won't attempt to escape.

SR and TD photographed while I played photo-stylist and animal-wrangler.

The reserve had a very nice wet lab set up, including scopes and a dehumidifier. 

This big guy was a roadkill. He is a jumping viper (Mano de piedra) - Atropoides nummifer

The guys wanted to show us a large Mano de piedra on the trail, before coffee or breakfast. I could have waited.

Walking stick - amazing crypsis to look just like a mossy branch!

Amazing GIANT caterpillar with orange and lavender spines.

Most adorable creature ever - juvenile Mexican Mouse Opossum - Marmosa mexicana

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