Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting ready to leave

Yesterday was a busy one with 2 trips to the university including a tour of the instituto and meeting some of the faculty, a trip downtown to INEGI to get maps, lots of walking and many trips on the metro and metrobus. The Institute is a beautiful building - actually 4 buildings connected by a 3 story greenhouse roof and the campus has lots of pretty buildings, art, sculpture, etc. TD was particularly taken by these giant rattle snakes.

By the time we got home at 6, we were too tired to hit the grocery store, so we will do that this morning before we leave at 3. 

Gabi (SR and TD's advisor) found out yesterday that we may have direct access to the Rancho el Cielo station which also has a place to stay. This is good news, as we thought we would have to stay in a nearby town and hike in. We may still have to hike in, but at least we will be where we need to be and have a place to stay, plus the staff will be able to show us any caves on the reserve--great places to find salamanders. We will collect any other amphibians and reptiles along the way though. Should be fun!
blue corn quesadillas for lunch - one chicken, one huitlacoche for me

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