Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long time no post!

We had an awesome holiday with friends and family in Austin and then rung in the new year unpacking and getting the house set up. Happily the house looks much more inviting with furniture and books! We still need a few major pieces of furniture - currently the sun room is completely empty, and the only thing in the master bedroom is a dresser. We also are missing a dining table. We defiantely had too much stuff for our 525 sq ft. Boston apartment, but obviously don't have enough for a three bedroom house. Big things we are missing include master bedroom furniture, a dining table and couches for the sunroom.

But! I am scouring craigslist - so hopefully I'll be able to share some photos of a furnished place soon.

I also gave my first lecture last week and give my second one today. I only have 4 students, but still its a bit nervewracking. The class a fancy digital white board which I can't use for the life of me - there is a 5 inch gap from where I put the marker and where the writing actually appears. Need to figure that out as there is no other option in that room unless I bring in my own tablet.

Also, finally moved into my new office!

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