Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prairie Creek

We went on a hike last Saturday day with a group led by the obedience class instructor. It was fun and we met some new folks. We have been working on Prairie walking without pulling and she did a good job - this was the first time I have taken her out without pinch collar/gentle leader/easy walk harness etc. Our instructor taught me a trick about tucking the leash under the dogs front leg - it definitely helped slow her down and not pull.

The hike was really nice, the first bit was in a planted pine area that is being restored, and the majority was in a cypress swamp. Its been pretty dry here, so it wasn't very swampy. Tons of ticks though, so I guess that is par for the course around here - they were all BIG too. Several bit Prairie, but I guess her preventative treatment is working because when I pulled them off, they were dead.

We had a picnic lunch afterwards (Prairie got to eat lots of carrots) and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

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