Friday, June 8, 2012


Continuing on the theme of things I haven't ever done in ABQ, we spent Sunday morning exploring the Petroglyph National Monument.

We wanted to go somewhere where we would have a chance of seeing some wildlife, but given the cooler weather, we weren't sure if anything would be out and about. We decided to check out the petroglyphs, so that we would be sure to see something cool even if the animals weren't out.

 The trail we were on goes up a valley rimmed with volcanic rocks. While we were scrambling over the rocks, a family down below found a large bull snake. TD went to see & caught it so they could see it.

 She was very calm.

 While TD was playing snake handler, look what I found - a western diamondback.

 Some of the glyphs were very elaborate like this warrior with a headdress.

 My favorite were the animal shapes like these birds, snakes & turtles

 Deer? Armadillo?

We saw another bull snake on our way out. The trail we did was a nice 1.5 miles out and back which took us about 2 hours poking along. And we were happy we didn't choose to ride the skyrail to Sandia Peak as the mountains were stormy all morning.

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