Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's new around here?

Since I last posted in the fall, TD got hired and then un-hired from a job here in town (it wasn't the best fit, so probably for the best, but still...). So we are (again) looking to both find permanent, fulfilling jobs in the same place. We will both apply for jobs this academic job season and see what we get. It's stressful to still not feel settled but we are thankful for one good job and a great place to live for now.

My first semester of teaching came and went and I survived. I actually really enjoyed it - especially my undergraduate students. I was prepared for a hellacious time, being so busy that I couldn't even eat or shower, so the fact that my semester was a few notches below that was a pleasant surprise.

The other big news is that I joined a gym and TD and I are working out together. We did this pretty regularly his first semester at Harvard, but I literally hadn't darkened the door of a gym in over 2 years (and I hadn't done any other exercise either). The big moment for me came when I basically couldn't carry our canoe back up from the river (never mind lift it onto the roof of the car).

I've been pretty successful at getting into a regular workout routine (for the first time ever?) - we go to the gym together 3 mornings a week & I do 20 minutes of cardio & then lift weights. I am doing 20 or 30 minutes of yoga a few nights a week. I also have been running and I am happy that I can run 30 minutes without stopping (or feeling like I am dying). New shoes help too.

I still am waiting for my canoe rematch. Hopefully all this work has paid off at least a bit.

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  1. Nothing like new shoes to get you motivated to work out!
    I SO know how you feel about the job thing, but I'm sure it'll all work out soon. I always feel stunned (and exhausted) at the end of a semester's teaching, but I'm always raring to go again when the new semester starts - gotta love the undergrads!