Monday, April 5, 2010

Net Worth Update

I just updated my net worth for the beginning of April. Happily, my investments have been doing well, so it is steadily increasing.

We have some big expenses coming up in the next few months (car repair, moving and honeymoon), but the move should be reimbursed by work, and the honeymoon is a gift from TD's mother. I save for retirement every month (right now just 7% of salary) but haven't been able to save much cash each month. Once the wedding is over, hopefully I can return to saving $300 or so each month in our emergency fund. Right now the e-fund is $9000. I'd like to have $15-$20K eventually, but I feel comfortable with it for the time being.

Living on one salary (since January) is doable for us, but we are looking forward to being a dual income household again. This should happen in the fall--fingers crossed!

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  1. This is amazing and encouraging and lets me know I need to step up my game!