Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rehearsal

Due to some scheduling issues with kiddos in school and people who work, we decided to do our rehearsal 2 days before the wedding. This worked out great for us--we got all the details worked out, and we got to spend the whole day before the wedding playing with friends from out of town and enjoying our rehearsal dinner. We of course couldn't have done it without our pixie (seriously, she's tiny!) wedding coordinator. Thanks to my Auntie and Uncle who stayed to take photos.
I am blinded by TD's bright orange shirt. He is not impressed by my giant bow bouquet.
The family waiting for everyone to arrive.
The full cast of characters.
My siblings are always up to no good! Unfortunately my brother was on a steady downhill, and was pretty sick with bronchitis by Saturday. Boo.
Given the crowd, there was lots of laughing, particularly at the line in the ceremony that TD was supposed to "Work On" and hadn't...

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