Wednesday, July 27, 2011

better late than never (right?)

TD and I have been pretty slack about ordering any of our wedding photos. We did go from 1000+ photos to about 400 and also chose a few favorites. But that was it.

Somewhere in my mind, I figured we are going to be married forever, so what's the rush? ha!

But in an effort to get stuff out of the closets and more organized - I finally hung up the framed family wedding portraits that we had displayed at our wedding.

The blank one on the end is for a pic of my little sis from her wedding.  Doing so led me to go through wedding photos of ours to frame.

Which led me to order prints online, and while I was there I actually made and ordered photobooks for us and our parents!

I have started this several times, but never finished. I ordered these from snapfish - I am a little concerned about print quality - but they were having a 50% off sale and I already had uploaded our favorite photos so it was pretty painless. We may still order a really nice book, but having anything at all is a pretty huge leap forward!

Here are a few pages. If you click them, you can see them (a bit) bigger.

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