Friday, July 15, 2011

Work work work

I should be writing my course prospectuses (is that really the plural? Prospectae?) Prospecti?) and a research narrative for CRIS (this is a requirement in the College of Agriculture here). I REALLY need to do these before the beginning of August.

Instead I am painting and installing closet doors. Sadly I couldn't use the tracks from the old doors, but these aren't too hard to install, even with just one set of hands.

Had to buy trim paint to paint the doors. Colormatched it to the rest of the house (all of the house - walls, ceilings, trim, doors - is painted flat white - which I actually like). But hopefully the satin finish will stay grime-free a bit better.

Also, while I was there, I got two sample pots (less than $3 - wow!!) to test out wall colors for the kitchen and bath. (for after I get around to removing the rest of the wall paper) I am going for a warm grey - I have zero experience with painting, so I am following Maggie's color choosing advice.

And I am loving my new loafers - quite a fashionable bday gift from my 20-year-old brother. Usually my fashion choices vacillate between hippy/crunchy & preppy/yuppy. I think these days I am leaning to yuppy.

And I have had to limit my NPR listening lately (I am often a 12 hours a day listener) because listening to debates about raising the debt ceiling (and in particular a certain female republican presidential hopeful) makes my ears bleed (and makes me want to punch the radio). When Bill O'Reilly and I are in agreement, there is something wrong in the world. (very very wrong)

I am so not looking forward to the run up to the 2012 election.


  1. Just to take the edge off, try this:

    BTW, love the shoes. Where did your bro find them?

  2. shoes are by Eddie Bauer via amazon. I updated the post with a link!

  3. At first I thought those were stacks of Pergo in your car!! Good luck on the paint color... report back!

  4. Like the loafers!

    I do not like that certain female presidential hopeful nor the prospect of the 2012 election runup. Oy.

    (PS - In answer to your comment about the watches, my gold MK finish has held up nicely. I've only had for 5 months, but I wear it often enough that I think any wear would have started to show by now.)