Friday, July 8, 2011


I am liking instagram (when I remember to use it) but find it a little annoying to share the photos (the best I have figured is to email them one by one from the camera roll? help?)

I have had at least 5 people that I don't see regularly (3 are over 50 males) comment on my hair. Apparently its dramatic - never sure if this is a good thing - or maybe it looked awful before??

 Here's what else has been going on.

Froze 5 pounds of peaches. Now trolling Craigslist for a chest freezer...

Loving my new chacos - a birthday present from TD

Been serving tennis balls in the backyard for Prairie (Lost my Chuck it launcher). Hopefully I am not ruining TD's racket & perhaps there is some recreational tennis in my future. 

A sweet co-worker gifted me with this AWESOME push mower. We have a puny patch of grass in the front (not warranting lawn mower purchase) but its nice to know we won't be getting any HOA hatemail anytime soon (well at least not for the lawn being over grown)

In shameful news - I have broken down and Prairie is now allowed on the couch. I can't believe myself. 
....Gross! Dirty! Dog hair! Bad habits!
(But! Its only one couch & she now sleeps much later in the mornings.)

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