Monday, July 25, 2011

the boring home stuff

Its hot here. And dry. But not a dry as Texas. Texas is scary-dry right now. And not as hot as the NE. I feel very happy I am not living in Boston right now with no AC. Yikes.

So not much to complain about here.

This past weekend I cleaned off the roof (it had been 6 months and it really needed it). Our roof is a hip roof, which is better for hurricanes and the like, but it means that the leaves tend to stick rather than slide off. The oak blooms provide a nice cement for everything. I should probably clean it every 2-3 months (our next door neighbor blows his off and then power washes it about every month. but he's retired, and I think, bored).

While I was cleaning off the roof, dripping sweat and discovered that a limb/branch had fallen - pokey side down - and punched a nice slice through the shingles and tar paper. Hmm. So will be figuring out how to repair that (obviously another reason to clean it off more frequently).

the offending limbs (embarrassing so much debris was on our house...)

But thankfully this GIANT limb didn't fall directly on the house - it ended up resting against the roof (and it was super loud when it fell). Its about 15 feet long and now resides in our side yard as "habitat".

All clean now, for a couple more months.

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