Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Hometown

One of the great sadnesses in TD's and my lives is that we live far from our hometown of Austin, Texas. There are so many reasons why we wished we lived in Austin (the great big one being our AWESOME families), but the food comes a close second.

So imagine how happy I was to see Austin, and one of my favorite foods featured in the Times this weekend. That's right, Austin breakfast tacos were on display. Check it out, there's even a slide show.

I haven't ever eaten (or heard of) the main place that they featured--Tamale House--but in the spirit, here are my top breakfast tacos in Austin. But don't try to get breakfast tacos on a Sunday, they're hard to find! My faves are Potato, Egg, and Cheese & Potato, Egg, and Chorizo

5. anything, Porfirio's Tacos

4. 3 Alarm Tacos, Magnolia Cafe

3. anything, Taco Cabana

2. Don Juan Taco, Juan in a Million

1. The Shack Taco, Taco Shack

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