Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The worst birthday ever...

What's that saying about the best laid plans? I picked up TD from the airport last night at midnight and he was excited to open all of his "presents". But he was in the beginnings of a cold with a sore throat, and I had a headache.

Flash forward to 3 pm the next day, I'm on the couch, he's in bed. We both feel pretty rough. And have been sleeping off and on all day. To prove how pathetic we are, TD even made himself a bowl of Spagetti-Os for lunch. And the carrot cake--still doesn't have frosting on it.
SpaghettiO's shapes with meatballs, 14.75 oz
Happy Birthday indeed. I do feel bad enough that I cancelled my work dinner for tonight. So at least we can be miserable together...

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