Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A special dinner

So I got a call on Friday asking me to interview at Big State U in the South. TD and I have our fingers crossed for this one, as its a place where we'd really like to live. But now? I have to prepare a research seminar, and rehearse my 3 minute "this is why I am so awesome so you have to hire me" speech. And figure out an outfit that conveys seriousness and authority without looking like a costume. So instead I procrastinated today by looking at real estate at Big State U, which has apparently been hit by the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and thus is very cheap!

At least the evening wasn't a total wash--dinner was grilled tenderloin from the Dall sheep, soy glazed carrots, mixed greens with blue cheese dressing, and a thick slice of garlic bread. This all cooks up in 30 minutes, but having a meat and 2 veg feels much more accomplished.

And TD humored me by watching a RomCom with me. We lean towards dramas in this household (our top netflix category is "violent, foreign thrillers"), but I love a good sappy, predictable love story now and then. We watched the Holiday, a Christmas gift from my sister, and we (both) enjoyed it.
The Holiday

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